Not Just For This Life

Not Just For This Life

Edited by Wendy Guest and Gary Gray,

with an Introduction by Wendy Guest.

When Gough Whitlam died on 21 October 2014, the outpouring of affectionate remembrances and genuine grief expressed across Australia was extraordinary. Because Gough was extraordinary.

Reflecting the public mood, the speeches of condolence in the Federal Parliament from Liberal, National, Green and Labor parliamentarians were more than usually fond.

Not Just For This Life commemorates and celebrates Gough’s life on what would have been his 100th birthday, with excerpts of parliamentary condolences, a selection of condolence messages from the men and women of Australia, and eulogies from the State Memorial Service.

With a foreword by Graham Freudenberg, Not Just For This Life covers the big themes of Gough’s life and legacy: transformation, belonging, courage, equality, enlarging, comrades and grace with introductions by Laurie Oakes, Anita Heiss, Geraldine Doogue, Tim Soutphommasane, Don Watson, Patricia Hewitt and Nicholas Whitlam.

“There is a lot of love in these tributes and in Wendy Guest’s splendid compilation of them.”
– Graham Freudenberg, Foreword, Not Just for This Life.

Published: 1 July 2016. Order online.


Foundation: A Hands-on Introduction to Business Fundamentals

Edited by Wendy Guest

One way to learn about business is to read the textbooks, learn the definitions, discuss case studies, and pass the exam. In Foundation: A Hands-on Introduction to Business Fundamentals we take a less theoretical and more hands-on approach.

We’re going to learn business by managing a business.

The approach makes sense for two reasons. First, business itself is practical. If there were a single true theory of business success, then every person who started a business and followed the theory would be able to create a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Business requires the practical application of people, skills, ideas, and money and it requires some trial-and-error before you succeed. Second, it is in that process of trial-and-error that mastery is developed. If you want to master the basics of business, rather than learn only the theory, this program is for you.

Foundation uses a simulation to give you hands-on experience in running a company. It provides the opportunity to work with all the essential managerial functions including marketing, production, and finance, and to experience the interactions and interrelationships that businesses must engage in – internally and externally – to succeed.
– from the Introduction to Foundation: A Hands-on Introduction to Business Fundamentals.

“Foundation has changed the way I teach business. The simulation provides an interactive experience that takes students beyond the classroom. Positive student feedback has consistently validated the use of this powerful teaching tool.”
– Doug Wilson, University of Oregon

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